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Quick Website Assessment – NAP

by adminSeO
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A Fast Look at Your Website’s SEO

website-seoThere are many in depth and somewhat complicated things that a good SEO company will evaluate when looking at the Search Engine Optimization of your website, but there are several that you can look at and evaluate yourself.

For the next several blog posts, I will go over some EASY SEO Tips that you can use on your own site.

Use this information to change things up on your site and see if you can’t improve the ranking of your site on your own first!

The first rule of thumb in SEO is that what makes sense to the website user will also make sense to Google. We are not trying to ‘game the system’ to get our sites to rank – what we are trying to do is give good, solid, helpful information to the end user (your potential clients).

This is the same thing that Google is looking for. They are in the business of putting helpful websites in front of their users – and if yours is the most helpful, you win!

The first thing to look at is to look at your Name, Address and Phone number and how they are presented on your site.

While there are some service based businesses that don’t necessarily need a brick and mortar address, for the most part if I am looking for a local business, I don’t trust one without an address! Well, Google understands that and knows that legitimate businesses usually have addresses (no – a p.o. box doesn’t count) and local phone numbers.
What does this mean for your business website seo? Search engines rank sites they trust – so if they don’t see a name, address and phone number that are local then they are not likely to rank you in a local search.

This means don’t keep your cell phone number from Topeka and use it for your business in Toledo.

Think about that for a minute – even though logically we KNOW that a local person could have a number with a different area code, we are a lot less likely to dial a non-local number to do business. And Google essentially has the same bias.

So make sure you have a local name, address and phone number. Yes – you can rank without them, but it is just that much harder.

Example of what not to do on a websiteThen, make sure that information is readable on your site. For customer usability put it up front and prominant. Make a clickable phone number and put a link to a map.

For search engine usability make sure the information is in text format and not image format. A search engine is a robot (or rather series of robots) and doesn’t read images – it reads text. So if your information is on an image and the name of the image is ….business-info.jpg, that robot has no idea what your contact info is – and again, they are less likely to show your site in a local search.

Make these changes and increase the likelihood of ranking – but more importantly, help you clients out!

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