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Our Search Engine Services Are NOT For All Businesses

We would love to help everyone, but not every business is a fit for our services. We select the clients that we work with carefully and we only work with a limited amount of clients at any given time to ensure your company’s ultimate success.

Who Benefits from Our SEO Services?

You will benefit most from search engine optimization if:

1. You have an active and healthy business and are prepared to move fast on the leads that come in from being in a top position. Start ups are not always prepared for this!

2. You have a good product or service to offer customers. We do not work with ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes or speculations.

3. You have a good reputation and solid customer service. Many businesses pride themselves on their ‘customer service’ but pay it lip service only. If you do not have a good reputation already, then more customers is not the answer.

4. You have a steady flow of customers already and the systems and processes to handle new ones. Your business is set up to receive a new flow of customers.

We DO NOT work with:

  • Adult Themed Sites
  • Sites With No Product or Service
  • And Generally Not with Start Ups (However, if you have a proven business model and after our interview we feel it is a good fit, we have a great track
  • Record with Start Up Businesses!

Our Simple Process:

Please do not try to go around this step and just contact us asking for pricing! You don’t call your Doctor and ask how much it will cost to fix your illness. We cannot tell you this until we understand the problem. An SEO audit is the most important facet of your Search Engine Optimization strategy for your website.

We must receive this information in order to provide a road map to get the most out of your SEO services.

Provide us with the following details and we will conduct a detailed audit of your current website. We will then provide you with a plan to improve the function and onsite SEO of your website.

You can also Contact Us here if you are just wanting more information.